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“Emma is an expert therapist with an healing hands and intuitive touch. She took the time to get to know our son and his rare genetic condition prior to treatment and created the perfect therapy plan. Thanks to Emma, our little boy was able to face a major orthopedic surgery with calm and strength. She continued to treat him post-op and we saw a marked difference in his pain management and recovery on the days she was there to treat him, often leaving him in a peaceful sleep. I am also convinced that her treatment also improved his sensory integration issues. Emma is kind, caring and professional and a great resource for any family or person in times of healing. It is so wonderful to have access to a non-invasive therapy that actually works in the hands of a great practitioner.” S.D.


“Emma is a natural healer and her energy is a perfect fit to the work she does.  She is very intuitive and understands the body on a deep, feeling level which really allows me to let go and simply receive.  I walk away from every session feeling more connected to my body and its ability to heal while also understanding what I can do to support the process of healing.  The work is very powerful and Emma’s experience, wisdom and compassion allows a safe place for that power to unfold.  She is amazing.” C.M.


“I highly recommend Emma for her high quality work and her professionalism! A Craniosacral Therapy session with Emma is relaxing, and at the same time provides profound results! Not only do I notice a dramatic reduction in the symptoms I sought her help with, I also feel an increase in my energy level.” G.F.


As a craniosacral therapist, Emma possesses the perfect combination of a beautiful, peaceful energy and a deep understanding of the way the body, mind and spirit can work together when they are in harmony. I get the sense that she really knows how to “listen to the body” in a way that few can. Whenever I walk into her work space, I always feel relaxed, yet excited to see what the new session will bring!” S.K.

“I cannot thank you enough for your professional, loving and compassionate help with my scoliosis and my eye sight. I just love your sessions. They are so relaxing, yet incredible effective. Your compassionate, skillful touch helped me to stay calm, open and comfortable during the postural aligning and emotional unleashing processes during the session. After the session my body continued to process and had an easy time to integrate the changes that happened during the session. It felt like my body finally found the right way to deal and heal from my issues. Thank you so much for
being there for me.” A.S.
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